The Homeless Shelter
in Virginia

  • On Saturday 06/04/2019 AT NOON TIME    CGOVAA WILL SERVE LUNCH to Homeless people @ FRANKLIN SQUARE PARK in Washington DC 4/06/2019 SAT.


  • Rice with Shrimp & Chicken (KIM CHI TRUONG-3 trays)
  • FRIED CHICKENS - (Kim Chi Truong)
  • Egg Rolls - Chả giò (200 rolls) : Huong Binh Bakery + Bich Lan
  • BBQ CHICKENS (MinhThu)
  • Salads - Mixed Spring salad with Tomato, pineapple, cranberry, apple (2 large trays) ( Mong Hoa)
  • Fried noodles( 4 trays from Milacay-Kim Dang)
  • Butter croissants (MongHoa-4 trays)
  • Water bottles - Nước chai (150 bottles-Ivy Dang)
  • 150 Bananas-( Kevin Khanh Nguyen)
  • 150 CLEMENTINES- (Julia Loan Tran)
  • CHOCOLATE BARS& Candies (Mong Hoa)
  • COOKIES ( Ivy Dang-2 large trays)
  • Other items: two 6-ft folding tables, tablecloths, serving utensils, individual food containers, forks, napkins and plastic bags- (Minh Thu)
  • A lot of LOVING SMILES & CARING HANDS to cheer up all the "unknown friends" we will serve lunch on Saturday 4/6/2019!
  • *** We will be there at 11 AM to prepare lunch boxes, then will start serve lunch at 12 P.M.

    *** Hope to see you all there !

    Many thanks for your generous contributions and your great support!


    Charity Group of VA Affection

    Nhom Tu Thien Tinh Thuong VA

    Caring and Sharing with Affection


  • On Sunday 11/27/2016 AT NOON TIME    The Charity Group of VA Affection serving lunch to celebrate Thanks Giving at Bailey Crossroad Homeless Shelter

    Dear CGOVAA Members and Friends,

    Last Sunday 11/27/2016 our Charity Group of VA Affection (CGOVAA) has successfully served lunch at BAILEY CROSSROAD SHELTER to celebrate THANKS GIVING DAY with the help of 8 volunteers:

    Kim Dang, Tuân & Thao Ta, Kevin Nguyên, Diêu Thanh Vo, MongHoa & Huyên Khac Le and Tuy Phuong Duong from Boston, Massachusetts.

    Sincere thanks to the generous donors ( Kim Chi, Thinh, Kim Dang, Minh Thu,ThuyAi, HaiChau, Kevin Nguyên) who contributed many delicious food to CGOVAA that made the lunch on Sunday11/27 become "A special great Thanks Giving Lunch".

    Every one enjoyed the Lunch very much, they even come back for more food the 2nd and 3rd time .

    They also enjoyed the Almonds Nuts, chocolate cupcakes and the "good backpacks " given by HAI CHAU!

  • On Sunday 11/24/2013 AT NOON TIME    The Charity Group of VA Affection serving lunch to celebrate Thanks Giving at Bailey Crossroad Homeless Shelter

    Many thanks to Kim Chi, Hoang Quyen, Thuy-Ai, Minh Thu, Kim Dang, Khanh,Thinh who donate all the good food to be served today.

    I really appreciate the great help to serve lunch to more than 50 persons at Bailey Shelter of Dr. Lan, Thuy lan, Thanh Truc, Thuy-Ai, Tom, Elizabeth, Quynh Dung, Quynh Vi, Nam, Quynh Anh, Khanh, chi Bich, Ban, chi Kim.

  • On Sunday 11/27/2011 AT NOON TIME    The Charity Group of VA Affection served lunch at Bailey Crossroad Homeless Shelter 3525 Moncure Ave, Falls Church, VA 22041    to celebrate the Thanks Giving season   

    Our sincere thanks for your generous contribution of very good food and your devoted time to serve lunch at Baileys Cross Road Homeless Shelter today 11/27/2011 to celebrate THANKS GIVING.

    We served about 50 tenants at the shelter , they really enjoyed the delicious Vietnamese eggrolls, fried rice, chicken lowmen, fried chicken, and Thanks Giving turkey, smoked ham , all the side dishes corn, mashed potatoes, green bean, kidney bean ,pumpkin pies.

    Congratulations for a SUCCESSFUL CHARITABLE JOB, ESPECIALLY for the 4 kids Mulan, TinTin, Dyanna, Andy . This is your first time serving lunch at the Shelter, but you did A GREAT JOB!

  • On Sunday 02/27/2010    Eleven members of the CHARITY GROUP OF VA AFFECTION ( CGOVAA) as: KHANH, LISA, ANDY, JULIA LOAN, THÚY ÁI, LITTLE ELIZABETH NGUYÊN, TRINH, HUYÊN, MONG HOA, KIM CHI AND LYNNA TRAN have served lunch at Bailey Crossroad Homeless Shelter for more than 50 people to celebrate the Lunar New year 2011 .

    Every one enjoyed the Vietnamese food ( Eggrolls, Fried Rice, Fried Noodle, Sticky Rice Cake (Banh Chưng) and the American food BBQ Chicken,Mashed Potato, Greenbean, Kidney Bean, Sweet Corn) very much! For dessert we served Water Melon, Fortune Cookies, Almond cookies and Bananas.

    We also give each resident of the Homeless Shelter a Good Luck Red envelope (Lì Xì) with one lottery ticket to wish him/her GOOD LUCK for the New Year.

    We really appreciate the generous contributions of good food from Kim Chi ,Lynna, Chuc Thuan, Julia,Andy, Ngoc Lang, Thuy Ai, Minh Thu and the devoted help to prepare the lunch of Kevin (Khanh) Lisa, Trinh, Huyên and Elizabeth.

    We also delighted for the surprise visit of Mr HÀ VŨ ( REPORTER of VOA RADIO) who kindly stayed long hour in the kitchen of Homeless Shelter to interview all the CGOVAA volunteered members during this special lunch although it's a very nice weather Sunday out there!

    Our CGOVAA also signed up to serve lunch for THANKS GIVING THIS YEAR on NOV 27 Sunday at this Bailey Crossroad Shelter.