• DATE: 10/17/2014: URGENT REQUEST to Ebola Relief Effort.


    Please read the urgent appeal from DR. Manary(director OF PROJECT PEANUT BUTTER -PPB) below. We try to raise $5000.00 USD ( Five Thousand USD) to support the PPB (PROJECT PEANUT BUTTER ) to save 200 children in Sierra Leone from the malnutrition ( $25.00 USD/ each child malnutrition treatment course in 12 weeks) through CSS- CA & GLOBAL MEDICS.

    Please encourage your children, your grand children contribute " A gift of Love" $25.00 USD to the needy children in SIERRA -LEONE by reply to our request now!

    AS MOTHER TERESA SAID : " NOT all of us can do Great things, but we all can do small things with Great LOVE".

    With the small amount $5000.00 USD and A LOT OF GREAT LOVE, we all can share the serious Painful Disaster from all the poor children in SIERRA LEONE. Our sincere appreciations to the first donors of this week!

    ATTACHED IS the List of donation to support ERE -Ebola Relief Effort this week. - Please read

  • Under its mission, the CGOVAA is a non-profit disaster relief and humanitarian aid organization under 501(c) (3) of IRS code.

    From 2005 to now, CGOVAA president Ms. Mộng Hoa Tong Le and Ms Kim Chi Trương (member of Board of Directors) have worked with the Quang Da Mutual Assistance Association (QDMAA) Board of Directors to seek donations from CGOVAA members, QDMAA members, and the Vietnamese American citizens with generous, kind hearts in Virginia, Maryland, and other states to raise relief aid funds whenever disaster occur in Vietnam.

    Over four years (2006-2009), QDAMAA and CGOVAA had raised $41,370.00. These monetary contributions show the care, the love, and the goodwill that CGOVAA members want to share with the needy people in Vietnam.

    The money was distributed by Ms. Mong Hoa Le and Ms. Kim Chi, or sent to Rev. Nguyen Hoai Chuong (But Nhom Lua Viet), VEN Thich Giai Quang (Phap Hoa Pagoda in Quang Nam), Sister Diêu Hanh and An Liên (Bao Thang Pagoda in Quang Nam), Sister Diêu Canh (Bao Quang Pagoda in DaNang), and Sister Hanh Tam (Hoa Cuong Pagoda in DaNang) to provide food and supplies to the disasters victims in Vietnam as well as within the United States or any other country.

    CGOVAA is prepared to aid the victims of disasters, such as floods, storms, earthquakes, and tsunamis.

    This year, although CGOVAA did not call for donations to aid after the storm in the center of Vietnam (Quang Binh, Quang Tri, HaTinh), we are giving food and books to the neediest students of Phan Dinh Phung high school in Ha Tinh, through the project “I don’t have a book to go to school.” It is handled by Ms. Minh Thu Nguyen Hong (MOA**) and her cousins in Vietnam. So far Ms. Minh Thu has given out 168 packages. Each package includes one Match book, one Literature book, two notebooks , two pens and a box of instant noodles. Each package costs $8 US.

    Sister Diêu Canh and her associate prepared to distribute rice and noodle box to the flood victims.